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Name:Shiki Misaki 「美咲 四季」
Birthdate:May 25
Location:Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan

Not all secrets are bad secrets...

On the surface, Shiki Misaki seems like your typical "girl from Shibuya". She is passionate about clothes and is an avid watcher of the ever changing trends that goes on in the city, making her seem quite shallow and vapid.

But deep down, she's a very kind person, someone who genuinely cares about people and will lend out a helping hand if she has the power to do so. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and is quite the optimist. Shiki's resilience has helped her a lot during her run in the Reapers' Game. Perhaps it was these traits that helped her and Neku to survive up to the last day and beat the Game Master.

Too bad that she ended up in Somarium instead of being returned to the RG. Only time will tell if her entry fee will be return to her...

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daisukenojo "beat" bito, def march, eri, fashion, making clothes, mr. mew, neku sakuraba, raimu "rhyme" bito, sewing, shibuya, the city, the rg, trends
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